For Lisa, working with her hands has been the only thing that has ever really interested her. Her curiosity about the potential for designing and creating with metal has lasted since 1980. That year she participated in her first art fair. The shows were local at first, but gradually developed into national venues that included galleries as well. Except for an additional 12-year foray into baskets (see "The Basketmaker's Art", Lark Publications) her focus has been on jewelry.

The designs have evolved over the years but the inspirations have remained the same. Lisa's pieces are informed by geometry and architecture but tempered by the poetic and philosophical aspects presented by astronomy. She ponders a phrase from an old sixties song... "we are stardust - billion year old carbon."

The work begins with a loose drawing until a new solution or idea presents itself. It is a balance between intention/chance and spontaneity/deliberation. The contours and forms are simple at first. She likes the rigor and order of basic geometric shapes but then organizing them into something more complex. Shapes are cut out of sterling silver and formed or scored and soldered together. Other parts are distorted through the rolling mill. Surfaces are textured with files or hammers or fused with silver dust or 18K yellow gold. Many techniques may be incorporated into one piece using a variety of hand tools, some of which are her oldest buddies.

The final steps involve patination of the piece, and then selectively removing some of the patina to leave combinations of matte or polished surface areas. Earthy rough stones and lustrous pearls are used to further enhance the piece.

Lisa was formally introduced to art at college. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Bowling Green State University in 1977, but never really learned to solder well until she was able to work in her own studio. She went back to school, and after 3 years she earned a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Kansas in 1991. During this time she continued to show and sell her work at many selected art fairs and galleries across the country.


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It has been a joy to meet my many customers. They have taught me a lot about how jewelry works on the body. I appreciate their enthusiasm and thank them for their support.

– Lisa D'agostino